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Ugly multiple slurs over line break

From: Ole V. Villumsen
Subject: Ugly multiple slurs over line break
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2023 20:38:26 +0000

% Multiple slurs in a Voice work nicely on one staff, as described in NR.
% Multiple slurs crossing over a line break are ugly and collide easily.

% I suppose modifying the shapes could be a workaround (I have not tried).

\version "2.24.1"

\layout {
ragged-right = ##t

\relative {
<d''^\=1( a^\=2( f\=3(> <c\=1) g\=2) e\=3)>
<d^\=1( a^\=2( f\=3(> \break <c\=1) g\=2) e\=3)>}

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