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Re: SVG output: Bad \smallCaps kerning

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: SVG output: Bad \smallCaps kerning
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2023 02:40:57 +0200
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Adding back the list.

Le dimanche 27 août 2023 à 19:30 -0400, Kevin Cole a écrit :
> Mixed results... So, this is a "thanks, but..."
> The Frescobaldi .deb suggested by those instructions is 3.2. The Flatpak is
> 3.3.
> Using the Flatpak Frescobaldi, clicking the pull-down menu "Lilypond ->
> Engrave (Custom)" and explicitly selecting SVG is ignored. Frescobaldi
> produces a PDF. (Maybe there's some non-obvious way to use the pull-down
> menu?)

It works for me.

To be sure, you're engraving each time from this "custom" menu, right? This menu
is *not* a set of options that are used every time you compile in the "normal"
way. If you want to make Frescobaldi compile all files into SVGs, you should set
that in Edit > Preferences > LilyPond Preferences > Default Output Format.

> The instructions for installing the command-line version offers a tarball that
> lives in a vacuum: Rather than integrating with /usr, /usr/local or ~/.local/
> the attitude appears to be "Screw that. I'm fiercely independent, and you'll
> need to go through additional, unnecessary hoops to get me to play nicely with
> all of the other children, fussing with new paths, aliases, or whatever."

But why do you want to fuss with anything?

Why not just run LilyPond as "~/.../bin/lilypond" ? Zero setup required.

> Among the questionable choices is assuming I need yet another version of
> Python (I already have 3.10) -- though LilyPond wouldn't be the first to do
> that.

Call it questionable or not, but it's not really a choice. These binaries do
what's necessary to be able to run on about any reasonably recent Linux distro
(namely only requiring a reasonably recent version of the fundamental system
library, glibc). We can't assume that Python is installed, much less that the
version we want is installed, and there's the "python3" vs "python" problem too.

> That said, running LilyPond from the command line did produce the correct
> output when asked, and it kerned properly. So, really, thanks for that.


> Is there a place to file feature requests like "Integrate with the operating
> system?" Maybe a Bash script that moves everything to the appropriate
> /usr/local/ or ~/.local/ subdirectories?

That's exactly what was done in LilyPond ≤ 2.23.6. The result? I've helped
people who had gotten utterly confused because they removed the ~/lilypond
directory (or whichever it was) but did not remove the symlinks or wrappers (I
don't remember) in ~/bin, and thought LilyPond was still installed because of
these, or got them to mix up with a different installation, etc. etc.

This list is the right channel for feature requests, but I suspect we would not
implement this particular request.

On the other hand, it's noteworthy that the (not yet released) master branch of
Frescobaldi implements automatic installation of LilyPond (in a directory
internal to Frescobaldi, for use inside Frescobaldi, not on the command line).
IMHO, auto-management of LilyPond versions is more in scope for Frescobaldi than
LilyPond itself.


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