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Re: SVG output: Bad \smallCaps kerning

From: Kevin Cole
Subject: Re: SVG output: Bad \smallCaps kerning
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2023 21:05:10 -0400

With the symbolic link solution, I'm "content" on the command line. As
to Frescobaldi, I just tried again with the same results.

> Le dimanche 27 août 2023 à 19:30 -0400, Kevin Cole a écrit :

>> Mixed results... So, this is a "thanks, but..."
>> The Frescobaldi .deb suggested by those instructions is 3.2. The Flatpak is 
>> 3.3.
>> Using the Flatpak Frescobaldi, clicking the pull-down menu "Lilypond -> 
>> Engrave (Custom)" and explicitly selecting SVG is ignored. Frescobaldi 
>> produces a PDF. (Maybe there's some non-obvious way to use the pull-down 
>> menu?)

> It works for me.
> To be sure, you're engraving each time from this "custom" menu, right? This 
> menu is *not* a set of options that are used every time you compile in the 
> "normal" way. If you want to make Frescobaldi compile all files into SVGs, 
> you should set that in Edit > Preferences > LilyPond Preferences > Default 
> Output Format.

Odd. Yes, I understood that it wasn't a permanent setting... I tried
it twice and both times it gave me a PDF. Maybe I missed something.
(All I did was

> LilyPond -> Engrave (Custom)
> Output format: SVG
> Engraving mode: Publish
> [X] Delete intermediate output files
> [X] Run Lilypond with English messages
> [Run LilyPond]

(I tried it with Engraving mode: Preview as well.)

The output was:

> Starting lilypond 2.24.2 [cruiscin_lan.ly]...
> Processing 
> `/home/kjcole/gits/websites/pages.codeberg.org/dmc_songbook/source/cruiscin_lan.ly'
> Parsing...
> Interpreting music...[8]
> Preprocessing graphical objects...
> Interpreting music...[8][16][24][32]
> Preprocessing graphical objects...
> Interpreting music...
> MIDI output to `cruiscin_lan.midi'...
> Calculating line breaks...
> Fitting music on 1 page...
> Layout output to `cruiscin_lan.pdf'...
> Success: compilation successfully completed
> Completed successfully in 0.8".

Examining the output file, it shows that it is, indeed, a PDF.

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