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Re: subtitle moves notes off staff lines

From: Paul Hodges
Subject: Re: subtitle moves notes off staff lines
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2023 09:52:30 +0000

This is an artefact of some poorer PDF viewers; your example shows perfectly in 
Acrobat.  Sadly, I see the effect often in Frescobaldi (on Windows) when not 
zoomed in, but have got used to it - zooming in always shows that the 
postscript is correct.


 From:   John F. Gibson <johnfgibson@gmail.com> 
 To:   <bug-lilypond@gnu.org> 
 Sent:   07/12/2023 22:57 
 Subject:   subtitle moves notes off staff lines 

I've noticed at times lilypond produces notes that are not exactly on or 
between the staff lines. I boiled it down to the attached minimum 
example, which shows a D flat that looks floated up about half way to E 
flat. However, if you comment out the header subtitle, the note lands 
precisely on D flat. 
Thank you so much for this beautiful music editor! I am enjoying using it 
very much. It sure beats dragging, dropping, and flipping through menus. 
John F. Gibson 
17 Oyster River Rd 
Durham NH 03824 

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