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Re: Ugly ties in chord clusters

From: William Rehwinkel
Subject: Re: Ugly ties in chord clusters
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2023 21:23:01 -0500
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I think what OP was referring to is that two ties are placed on top of each other (it looks a bit thicker). Perhaps something like the following would be preferable.


\version "2.24.2"
\relative {
  \override Score.SpacingSpanner.shortest-duration-space = #3
  <e'_~ f_~ g^~ a_~ b^~ c^~> q

On 12/25/23 18:00, Knute Snortum wrote:
On Mon, Dec 25, 2023 at 10:31 AM fa61bd7a-bab1-4a88-80e0-a065116a0a04---
via bug-lilypond <bug-lilypond@gnu.org> wrote:

    Hi LilyPond developers,

    In dense chord clusters, ties sometimes fail to keep at least one staff
    space away from each other.
\version "2.24.2"
\relative {
   \override Score.SpacingSpanner.shortest-duration-space = #3
   <e' f g a b c>~ q

Do you mean without the override?  With the override, the ties look fine.

Knute Snortum

William Rehwinkel - Oberlin College and Conservatory '24


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