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Re: Skipping syllables / LyricExtender

From: Paul Hodges
Subject: Re: Skipping syllables / LyricExtender
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2024 09:34:07 +0000

This came up in the user list just a month ago, when I asked about the use of _ 
instead of \skip1 causing a lyric to be misaligned because it started a 
melisma.  By chance I found the only (?) documented reference to "", which 
solved my problem with a less ugly notation than \skip1!  It seems that \skip1, 
_, and "" all have subtle differences which the documentation doesn't make 
sufficiently clear...

Below is the mail that summarised these findings.


From: Michael Werner <reznaeous@gmail.com> 
To: Paul Hodges <pwh@cassland.org> 
Cc: <lilypond-user@gnu.org> 
Sent: 04/12/2023 12:37 
Subject: Re: Centering a word before a gap in the lyrics 

Hi Paul,

On Mon, Dec 4, 2023 at 6:56 AM Paul Hodges <pwh@cassland.org> wrote:
I don't know where in the documentation the difference in behaviour between 
\skip1 and "" as opposed to _ is explained.

It isn't much of an explanation, but in

is the line Note: do not use an underscore, _, to skip notes – an underscore 
indicates a melisma, causing the preceding syllable to be left-aligned.
A bit terse, to be sure. But mentioning an alignment issue I've always stayed 
with using \skip to skip over a note, and only used _ when it really was a 
melisma not explicitly notated in the music (such as a tie or a slur).

But the opportunity is missed on these pages, the first of which actually 
conflates the "" and _ notation:


This was the first time I'd seen the use of "" for something like this. I'll 
have to keep it in mind. And looking at those two snippet pages you linked they 
make it seem like all three options are equivalent. Yet in the NR page I linked 
it says they are different.

Well, I guess the important bit is you found something that does what you need, 
and does it in a way that you're okay with.-- 


 From:   Michael Käppler <xmichael-k@web.de> 
 To:   Paul Hodges <pwh@cassland.org>, "bug-lilypond@gnu.org" 
 Sent:   04/01/2024 9:07 
 Subject:   Re: Skipping syllables / LyricExtender 

     Thanks, Paul, but is this mentioned somewhere in the docs?
     AFAICS, they recommend using \skip everywhere for skipping notes.
     "" is shorter and more logical, since, unlike `\skip (dur)` it does     
not request the duration argument, which
     is ignored in Lyrics, anyway. 
Am 04.01.2024 um 00:12 schrieb Paul       Hodges:
                        Replace the \skip 4 with "", as in:       

\version "2.25.0" 
         { c' (d') e' f' } 
         \addlyrics { foo __ "" bar           } 

             From:            Michael Käppler via bug-lilypond           
           Hi             all,             
             please consider the following example:             
             \version "2.25.0"             
             { c' (d') e' f' }             
             \addlyrics { foo __ \skip 4 bar }             
             The \skip command does not terminate the extender line. This       
      is at least             

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