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Re: POP3d locking

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: POP3d locking
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 00:59:24 -0400 (EDT)

> Bonjour
> > I have finished the locking version of pop3d. The version has been
> > working on my mail server since thursday and behaves itself well. 
> Nice work, I'm browsing through the patch now.  Couple of comments
> 1-Subversion.gnu.org cvs server is not responding, so I can not commit
>   anything yet.
> 2-Some portion of the patch I do not agree, I'll send a rationale
>   later.
> 3-I prefer diff with '-p' (GNU diff extension), if you can.  '-p'
>   provides the name of the function which very usefull. My prefer
>   setup is : diff -up .  Of course this is a suggestion 8-)
> 4-Thanks again, you have nailed(again 8) couple of obscure/difficult bugs.

5- Provide ChangeLog entries.  So far I've put most of them base on your
  email descriptions.  They should not be part of the patch, here
  an example, mailutils/ChangeLog:

2001-04-29 Sergey Poznyakoff

        Return values of all signal handlers are changed to RETSIGTYPE
        and configure.in is modified accordingly. This is more portable.

        * configure.in: New Macro AC_TYPE_SIGNAL.

        * mailbox/locker.c (locker_lock): while trying to read pid value
        from the pidfile passed wrong buffer length to read() call, namely:
        read(fd, buf, sizeof (pid_t)).


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