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From: Alain Magloire
Subject: Re: imap4d PERMANENTFLAGS
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 21:35:25 -0400 (EDT)


> Alain Magloire wrote:
> > BTW.  I've talk to some doc people here and
> > 
> > mailbox_is_updated ()
> > 
> > is not lexical correct, it's a "Colloquialism".
> > I have no idea what it means, but they suggested
> > mailbox_is_modified ();
> You update a thing. Then that thing is up-to-date. So it should probably
> be:
>     mailbox_is_uptodate()
> or:
>     mailbox_is_up_to_date()
> which is a bit ugly. :(
> Or should it be:
>     mailbox_has_been_updated()
> since updated is the past participle of "update". That is why
> "...is_updated()" is colloquial - it's mixing present & past tenses.

Ok, thanks for the explanation, I thought they meant it was
a "pleonasm",  you know when you say : "I'm walking with my feet".

> Presumably mailbox_is_updated() tells you whether you've saved the mailbox
> to disk or not?

heuu ... no, I meant by this function that the mailbox did (not) change state
For example, when you do mailbox_messages_count(...);
The mailbox is scan and the offsets of messages are save.  But if sometime
after, another MUA deletes the messages or sendmail adds a new message this
function, maibox_is_updated () return false saying no you do not have a
current view(an uptodate view) of the mailbox, the save offset maybe wrong,
you should rescan ().

I probably did not make myself clear, so he suggested mailbox_is_modified ().
mailbox_is_updated() is somehow wrong, since everybody seems to get this
backward or have some doubt about it.

> > I'll do the change for that one in the new API only.
> > 
> > Is attribute_update () a "Colloquialism" ?
> > maybe its better to use _save_,  like
> > attribute_save ();
> > ?
> IMHO 'save' is probably clearer in general.


> > Pff, and people complained that french is complex!!!
> I guess the English stole the complexity as well as lots of words from
> other languages. ;)

They call it, evolution or adaptation, here.  In Canada/Quebec, they call
it, assimilation and are passing laws against it.  

au revoir, alain
Aussi haut que l'on soit assis, on est toujours assis que sur son cul !!!

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