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Re: mailutils questions - features and guile (perhaps the wrong list)

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: mailutils questions - features and guile (perhaps the wrong list)
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 10:28:37 +0300

Hi Rob,

> I poked around and didn't see any other lists regarding mailutils, so
> I thought I'd ask here.  Please redirect me if this isn't the right
> place.

It's OK, you're writing to the right place. 

>   * If I had the time, would there be any interest in a mailutils
>     guile module?  i.e. (use-modules (mailutils)).  The plan would be
>     to create this module and convert guimb to just be a guile script
>     that uses this module, i.e.:

Of course, it would be of great interest. Actually, libmu_scm was
planned as such a module. The only thing it lacks is module
initialization function. I was reluctant to implement it as a module,
since guile 1.4 and (would be) 1.6 have different conventions on init
functions. Using

        scm_register_module_xxx ("util mailutils", init_mailutils);

will work with 1.4 but will not with 1.6. Is there any portable way that
will make it work with both versions? 

As you may notice libmu_scm and guimb stuff is still oriented to 1.4,
I was planning to clean it up when 1.6 finally appeared (by the way
when is it going to be released?) Anyway, your efforts will be quite

>   * Are there any plans, or is there any interest in having functions
>     at the scheme level (or the C level if they don't exist already)
>     that let you grab the headers and the body of a message as raw
>     strings?  This is something I'd need for some scripts I was
>     thinking about writing (i.e. I need to be able to get the message
>     header and body verbatim -- with no modifications), and it didn't
>     look like mailutils could do that at the moment.  I'm thinking of
>     something like libmail-box-perl's $msg->$head->toString() and
>     $msg->body->string() methods.

There are several ways to get the message headers from Scheme. First,
you can use mu-message-get-header to return a particular header, e.g.:

        (let ((hdr (mu-message-get-header message "Subject"))

Second, you can get a list of all (or a subset of all) headers, using
mu-message-get-header-fields, e.g.:

        (let ((hdrlist (mu-message-get-header-fields message))


        (let ((hdrlist (mu-message-get-header-fields
                         (list "From" "To" "Date" "Subject")))

Finally, you can get a port associated with the message and thus
access it in the row mode, e.g.:

        (let ((port (mu_message_get_port message "r" #t)))
           (do ((line (read-line port) (read-line port)))

There exist similar functions for accessing the body of the message.

>   * Does mailutils already allow you to pass it a string to convert it
>     to a message that you can then call normal mailutils functions on?
>     If not, is there any interest in that functionality

Yes, it is possible. For example, sieve module guimb/scm/reject.scm
creates a multipart message from scratch and sends it to to the remote

> (i.e. would patches be welcome if I had the time)?

Of course, your contributions will be highly welcome


PS: Coeterum censeo Guilem 1.6 releasem esse :)

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