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Re: Fixing interlibrary deps.

From: Sam Roberts
Subject: Re: Fixing interlibrary deps.
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:29:00 -0400
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Most of lib looks like it came from GNU libc, or could be replaced with
code extracted from GNU libc. Could that be done? libc is still LGPLed,
right? getline(), at least, should be available.

To me, an LGPLed library with a configuration mechanism that is GPLed
seems less than complete.

But, since I don't have the time to write or find code to replace the GPLed
stuff, we may not have any choice other than to use the existing lib/ code, and
of course respect the licences the authors used.


Quoteing address@hidden, on Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 02:01:25PM +0300:
> A correction to the above: mu_argp depends on getline.c and argcv.c, both
> of which are under GPL and cannot be included to libmailbox. We'll
> have to move mu_argp.c back to lib/. Opinions?

Sam Roberts <address@hidden> (Vivez sans temps mort!)

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