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Re: record option / sending mail

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: record option / sending mail
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 12:42:24 +0300

Hello Thomas,

>   set record=/home/te/Mail/outgoing

Please try the version from the repository.

> BTW: I did find another bug: when composing a message without external
> editor, mail sends a message away if s line starts with a dot. mail
> should only be send if a dot is the only character of a line, but in
> my case, the line started with three dots.

Thanks for noticing. I'll fix this.

> The "editheaders" option (which works with Solaris' mailx) is cool.
> That would be great to have in your mail, too.

Hmm, what exactly does this option do?

> Here is my .mailrc (without aliases):
> set crt=99999

By the way, `crt' is boolean, so you should have put:

   set crt



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