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RE: Supported platform inquiry

From: Baculio, Marlon
Subject: RE: Supported platform inquiry
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 10:26:51 -0400

Gee, that was my first post and the reply was lightning fast :-) awesome.

Well, I am going to be dropping most of that MAPI stuff (because I also plan on supporting any mail server that can at least speak POP3/IMAP4 with me, not just MS Exchange Server). As far as enumerating members of distribution list and address book, I am willing to write platform specific external modules for every mail server (if mailutils can't help me with that), but I need the main program logic to be fully portable. The way it looks now, I might extract the POP3/IMAP4/RFC822 capabilities from mailutils and port it to Windows (hopefully that's easy, i imagine sockets and streams to be always portable).

Thank you Jeff, and all!


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From: Jeff Bailey [mailto:address@hidden]
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 10:08 AM
To: Baculio, Marlon
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Subject: Re: Supported platform inquiry

On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 10:03:16AM -0400, Baculio, Marlon wrote:

> So far I don't see any list of supported platforms. Judging from the
> nature of GNU projects, I don't see a problem with it running in
> Linux/Unix. My question therefore is this: Does mailutils work in
> Windows (POP3/IMAP4/RFC822 parser)? If not, how easy would it be for
> me to port the code to make it work in Windows?

I used to test compile mailutils in cygwin, but I haven't in a long
time.  The build has almost certainly rotted a bit.  There also wasn't
any support for the Windows MAPI target.  If you need that, it should
be easy enough to adapt libmailbox to that, but you'd only get the
mail features (we don't have an abstraction for address books or
anything like that).

Jeff Bailey

learning from failures is nice in theory...
but in practice, it sucks :)
 - Wolfgang Jaehrling

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