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[bug-mailutils] auth/virtual.c question

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: [bug-mailutils] auth/virtual.c question
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 14:50:28 -0400
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I'm running into a bit of trouble because of this:

  mailbox_name = calloc (strlen (pw->pw_dir) + strlen ("/INBOX") + 1, 1);
  sprintf (mailbox_name, "%s/INBOX", pw->pw_dir);

The problem is that some packages like openwebmail expect the pw->pw_dir
to be an actual mbox file, not a directory.  I'd like to consider making
this bit of coding something like:

  stat(pw->pwdir, &stat_buf);
  if (S_ISDIR(stat_buf.st_mode)) 
      mailbox_name = calloc (strlen (pw->pw_dir) + strlen ("/INBOX") + 1, 1);
      sprintf (mailbox_name, "%s/INBOX", pw->pw_dir);
    } else {
      mailbox_name = calloc (strlen (pw->pw_dir) + 1, 1);
      sprintf (mailbox_name, pw->pw_dir);

Aside from this, mailutils-pop3d is cheerfully serving 800 domains or so
on a single box. =) There seems to be one client who managed to spin the
daemon out and consume all the resources on the box, but a ulimit fixed
that nicely.  (I'll debug it properly some other time)

Jeff Bailey

"I'm torn...  My kink or my country..."
 - Anika Stafford

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