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[bug-mailutils] Pop3d leaking children?

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Pop3d leaking children?
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 09:02:29 -0700
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I seem to have a case where pop3d in some instances leaks children.  The
pop3 server does up to half a dozen connections a second, and I have
--daemon=15 set.  What I discovered earlier today is that it was
reporting in syslog that it had hit the maximum number of children,
despite the fact that ps showed only 4 pop3d's running.

Aside from that signals suck in Linux, I'm trying to figure out what
might have cause this.  I wish I knew signals a bit better.  I wondering
if it's possible for either a signal to have been discarded when it was
in the signal handler, or whether two signals coming in at once could
have caused it to hop out of the signal handler before the --children;
command got run.

That seems to be about the only thing I can guess.  Can anyone suggest
where else I should look?

Jeff Bailey

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