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[bug-mailutils] maildir for mail.local

From: Jeff Williams
Subject: [bug-mailutils] maildir for mail.local
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 00:44:20 +0200
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I am interested in adding support for mail.local to deliver to maildirs by adding the required methods for a maildir mailbox, but mail.local seems to be fairly mbox centric. It escapes all of the lines beginning with 'From ' and writes the message to the mailbox's stream. To support appending messages to a maildir using this stream interface I would have to do some pretty funky things in mailbox_open and mailbox_close to handle the creation of the new message file in the tmp dir and subsequent renaming into the new dir. I was wondering why mail.local doesn't use mailbox_append_message to add the new message? The performace hit of having to create a message object?


/*FIXME: I'm not very smart; someone smarter should make this better.*/
        - line 675, portals/libcfs/debug.c, lustre-0.7.3

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