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[bug-mailutils] folder_create() on $HOME/Mail fails with ENOENT in CVS c

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: [bug-mailutils] folder_create() on $HOME/Mail fails with ENOENT in CVS code.
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 11:55:06 -0400 (EDT)

This email from (Joachim Nilsson) was bouncing not sure why.

the folder_create() interface seems to have changed between 0.4.0
and 0.4.1 (CVS).  In 0.4.0 I could list my mailboxes in ~/Mail/*
using very simple code, see below.
However, all the URL combinations I've tried, including the first
one that worked just fine in 0.4.0, all of them fail with ENOENT.
Is it something I've forgotten or something new with the CVS version
of the mailutils code that needs to be done before folder_create()?
/** Conceptual code - not real implementation but darn close **/
struct folder_list list;
int list_folders (char *url)
   status = folder_create (&folder, url);
   if (status)
       /* Always fails here with ENOENT. */
       fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", mu_strerror (status));
       return status;
   status = folder_list (folder, url, "*", &list);
   if (status)
       fprintf (stderr, "%s\n", mu_strerror (status));
       return status;
    /* Magic that lists mailboxes in this folder */
   return 0;
main ()
   list_folders ("/home/jocke/Mail");
   list_folders ("file:/home/jocke/Mail");
   list_folders ("file://home/jocke/Mail");
   list_folders ("file:///home/jocke/Mail");
   /* Magic that would do simple operations on the listed folders */

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