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[bug-mailutils] Using Guimb, solved? (Still a bug, though)

From: Chris Hall
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Using Guimb, solved? (Still a bug, though)
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 04:25:46 -1000
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I think I've at least a temporary work-aroubnd for interactivly
developing mailutil guile scripts:

-------( console log )-------

(0)$ guimb -c '(top-repl)'
scm_eval_0str is deprecated.  Use scm_c_eval_string instead.

-------( end console log )-------

This lets me interact with guimb, and I can open remote mailboxes via
the appropriate URL, unlike when I try that from 'vanilla' guile.

The deprecation makes me nervous, though.  As does the fact that
'(top-repl)' isn't mentioned anywhere in the guile documentation - I
found it by semi-accident via '(help "repl")'

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Assuring that the quality of a product does not get out of hand
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