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[bug-mailutils] bug in locker.c

From: Felix Egli
Subject: [bug-mailutils] bug in locker.c
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 16:57:01 +0200
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I found a bug in mailbox/locker.c
The PID cannot be written to the dotlock-file, because it is opened with O_RDONLY. I dont know, if O_RDWR is the correct solution or if this has any sideeffects.

best regards

  if ((fd = open (lock->data.dot.dotlock, O_RDONLY)) == -1)
      unlink (lock->data.dot.nfslock);
      return errno;

  err = stat_check (lock->data.dot.nfslock, fd, 2);
  if (err)
      unlink (lock->data.dot.nfslock);
      if (err == EINVAL)
        return MU_ERR_LOCK_BAD_LOCK;
      return errno;

  unlink (lock->data.dot.nfslock);

  /* If no errors, we have the lock. */
  assert (lock->refcnt == 0);

  if (lock->flags & MU_LOCKER_PID)
      char buf[16];
      sprintf (buf, "%ld", (long) getpid ());
      write (fd, buf, strlen (buf));

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