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[bug-mailutils] Ummm, 'proper install'?

From: chris
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Ummm, 'proper install'?
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 21:51:12 -1000
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Hullo, all!

I've finally been able to get back into the guile side of mailutils,
after successfuly setting up some nice guimb-based mail filtering and
filing stuff for my GNU Emacs.  Sweet!

Lately I've been focused on mod_guile, an apache module for running
guile scripts as cgis, and now I have a need to generate mail messages
and send them from within these apache scripts that run when people
browse our site.

I was having problems using mailutils from guile back in June, but
managed to get what I needed via the "guimb -c '(top-repl)'" hack, since
guimb has the the mailutil libs already linked.

Sergey had been kind enough to respond to my questions, but I dropped
things and attended to more pressing matters.

Sergey's last response indicated that perhaps the mailutil libs weren't
getting loaded when (use-modules (mailutils)) was invoked from guile,
and hinted that perhaps mailutils was somehow not properly installed.

After './configure, make, su make install, ldconfig', what more do I
need to do so that guile can load the mailutils libs?  Setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't seem to help, either.

I am running mailutils 0.4 and guile 1.6.4 on Debian Woody (2.4.18),
FreeBSD 4.9 and Mandrake 9.0, and mailutils behaves exactly the same on
all platforms.  (In this case, fails to behave ;)

After I (use-modules (mailutils)) in interactive guile, I can do things
like mu-message-create, mu-body-write, etc., no problem.

(mu-message-send msg-out #f #f "address@hidden") => #f
(mu-message-send msg-out mu-mailer #f "address@hidden") => #f
(mu-message-send msg-out mu-mailer "address@hidden"
"address@hidden") => #f


FYI, 'mu-mailer' evaluates to "sendmail:/usr/sbin/sendmail", and
'sendmail' works just fine from the command line.

(mu-mailbox-open "/home/cjh/var/spool/mail") => #f
(mu-mailbox-open "file:/home/cjh/var/spool/mail") => #f
(mu-mailbox-open "file://home/cjh/var/spool/mail") => #f
(mu-mailbox-open "file:///home/cjh/var/spool/mail") => #f
(mu-mailbox-open "<file://home/cjh/var/spool/mail>") => #f
(mu-mailbox-open "<file:///home/cjh/var/spool/mail>") => #f

Another thing: when I put

:mailbox --mail-spool /home/cjh/var/mail/spool

in my .mailutils file then try to run 'guimb', it complains and
terminates with the message

guimb: can't open default mailbox /home/cjh/var/spool/mail/cjh: No such
file or directory

Yet 'ls -l /home/cjh/var/spool/mail/' gives this:

total 2
drwxr-xr-x  2 cjh  cjh  512 Aug 19 20:51 cjh

I really like being able use guile for my mail system needs, and think
you guys have done a lot of good work.

Is there some way for me to collect error information about what is
happening when guile tries to load.use the mailutils libs?  Why are
things silently failing, instead of telling me what the problem is so
that I can fix it?

I have been advocating to people how nice a solution this can be, but I
think I need to get it working or they won't believe me!



We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.
--  Walt Kelly (1913 - 1973), "Pogo" (comic strip)

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