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[bug-mailutils] More info; mailers?

From: chris
Subject: [bug-mailutils] More info; mailers?
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 00:19:33 -1000
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I have also set LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/mailutils/lib - still no luck from
interactive guile.

If someone could give me step-by-step instructions for what I have to do
after 'make install' in order to use your wonderful stuff from
interactive guile, I would be very happy.

At the moment, I am a bit frustrated - there is all this really useful
code I can *almost* use from guile, if only there was information
available somewhere.  :D

I have started looking at the source code a bit, but I have never
written a guile<->c type of app, so I don't know useful the code is in
figuring out how to use existing guile mailutils functions, or why they
don't seem to be working.  At any rate, time is limited - I spend the
time I can, but at some point I have to find a usable solution or start
losing work.  I would really, really like the usable solution to be

Using guile, mod_guile and apache, I can use guile '(system "dothis
<infile")' things to send a mail message, but this seems really silly,
as well as wasteful, slow and resource intensive, when mailutils could
be doing it.

Mailer questions
How does one set which mailer to use?  I would like to use an SMTP
mailer external to the host I am running on - how do I do this?

Evaluating mu-mailer in interactive guile shows me what a 'sendmail:'
URL looks like - what does an SMTP URL look like?  If I know what an
SMTP URL looks like, do I (set! mu-mailer smtp-url))?  Or do I have to
do something like (mu-mailer-create), (mu-mailer-open) first?

In 'grep'ping through the source, I noticed that there is a c-level
'mailer_open' function, but no corresponding guile mu-mailer-open - does
this matter in this case?

I'm sure this all easy 'once you know how', but  seem to be having some
problems figuring this magic out.

I've had a quick look at mailutils 0.5, but didn't see anything specific
to these issues.  While I'm not opposed to upgrading, I would like to
avoid spending the time on upgrading 3 machines if I can.

Out of curiousity, I saw a message in the archives from 2 years ago from
a Rob Browning.  I've been spending a lot of time on #guile (freenode
IRC), and if I'm not mistaken, 'rlb' on #guile, one of the guile
maintainers, is *also* named Rob Browning?

I also found it a bit odd that no one on #guile seemed to know anything
about mailutils - one or two people seemed interested, but that was it.

If we had less statemanship we could get along with fewer battleships.
-- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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