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[bug-mailutils] Mailutils 0.6.1

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Mailutils 0.6.1
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 14:32:11 +0200


I am pleased to inform you that GNU mailutils version 0.6.1 is now
available from ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/mailutils. As its version
suggests, it is an alpha release. Here is a list of most notable
differences from the previous stable release 0.6:

* libsieve: New action 'vacation'

The action syntax is:

 vacation [:days <ndays: number>]
          [:subject <subject: string>]
          [:aliases <address-list: list>]
          [:addresses <noreply-address-list: list>]
          [:reply_regex <expr: string>]
          [:reply_prefix <prefix: string>]
          <reply text: string>

* imap4d: Implemented SASL authentication using LOGIN and PLAIN mechanisms.

* Plaintext passwords for SASL authentication types may be kept in SQL
database. When used with LOGIN or PLAIN, the passwords may be
encrypted using MySQL password() function. New option
--sql-password-type specifies what kind of password is returned by
--sql-getpass query. Its possible values are: `plain' for plaintext
passwords, `scrambled' for passwords hashed using MySQL algorithm and
`hash' for MD5 or DES hashed passwords (default).

* mail utility

** Improved POSIX compatibility.
In particular, `next' command now works as described by
POSIX. Following commands change the status of the message to `read':
mbox, pipe, print, top, undelete, visual and decode (a GNU extension).
Implemented following variables: flipr, showto, bang.
The command `touch' does not alter messages that were deleted or saved
to a file.

** The `decode' command is now able to display MIME parts using
whatever external program you specify. It has two ways of doing
so: either by using internal mailcap mechanism or by invoking
`metamail' program.

By default the built-in mailcap engine is used. Normally `mail' asks
for confirmation before running an interpreter to display a message
part, unless the type of the part is listed in `mimenoask' mail
variable (see docs for more info).

If `metamail' variable is set, it specifies the external program
to be used instead of the built-in engine. Thus, settting

      set metamail="metamail -m mail -p"

in your ~/.mailrc enables use of the standard `metamail' program
by `decode'.

Before calling `metamail', the environment variable METAMAIL_PAGER
is set to the value of the variable PAGER. If `mimenoask' mail
variable is set, its value is passed to `metamail' via MM_NOASK
environment variable.

* from
The `from' utility was rewritten. It is now fully compatible with the
BSD version.

* frm
Implemented -t (--align) command line option.
Whenever available, `frm' uses BIDI algorithm for display. This
allows for correct display of subject lines written in languages
with right to left script orientation (Arabic, Hebrew).

* New SQL driver: odbc.
With this driver it is now possible to use mailutils with almost
any existing DBMS.

* Ukrainian localization

* Bugfixes

** Fixed possible mailbox corruption in imap4d
** imap4d subscribe/unsubscribe was not working
** Fixed displaying mail headers in different languages (mail,frm,from)
** SQL authentication: prevent sql injection attacks
** Fixed bug in the default syslog diagnostic printer

Thanks everybody for bug reports, fixes and contributions!


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