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[bug-mailutils] Namespace and pre-ansi compilers

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Namespace and pre-ansi compilers
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:08:49 +0300

Hello everybody!

There are several things I'd like us to discuss before the next release. 

The first issue regards the use of __P() wrappers around arguments in function
declarations in our header files. In my opinion, it is pretty
useless now. First, anybody wishing to compile mailutils can get gcc (or
other ansi-compatible compiler). Secondly, no special effort was ever
made to make sure mailutils would compile with a pre-ansi
compiler. Moreover, such an effort would be polluting the code. So, I
propose to get rid of these wrappers. It will surely improve the
code readability and facilitate the maintenance. 

The second issue regards mailutils namespace. Our naming rules, or
better said, lack thereof, can create lots of problems when linking
mailutils with some other projects. For example, such name types
as list_t or record_t are pretty common. The same goes for function
names list_create() and many others. My proposition is to prefix each
external identifier with `mu_'.

Finally, our main library is called `libmailbox', although it has little
to do with mailboxes, being a collection of rather general-purpose
utilities. Wouldn't it be better if we call it `libmailutils' (which is
currently the name of our convenience library)? I understand that the name
is the reason of historic processes and that this is not so important,
and yet ... 

Opinions, please?


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