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[bug-mailutils] Snapshot 20050906 broke everything!

From: Kostas Zorbadelos
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Snapshot 20050906 broke everything!
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 18:45:43 +0300
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Hello to everyone.
I developed custom software (an mda specifically) based on mailutils
libraries. I used snapshot mailutils-20050623 for the development,
because we needed 
vacation action in sieve and there were also a few bugs in 0.6.90. 
I compiled a later snapshot (mailutils-20050906) provided by you and
my programs failed to compile. I know that there are extensive changes
in mailutils and I noticed in the list a message saying that you will
change the namespace in the libraries. I prefixed all functions I used
from mailutils with 'mu_' and also changed the name of the library
'mailbox' to 'mailutils'.
I managed to compile my programs with these changes. My questions: 
- are these changes enough or your redesign goes deeper?
- in your next alpha release (scheduled within the next week as I
know) all programs are expected to use the new namespace? Will the
old names remain for backwards compatibility?

We were very close to go live with our project and I would like to
know if the changes in names are enough to have the same
functionality and be able to upgrade our mailutils version as new
releases are made. 
I am anticipating your answer (anxiously I would say).

Thanks in advance,

  Kostas Zorbadelos
  Systems Designer/Developer, Otenet SA 
  address@hidden contact: kzorba (at) otenet.gr
  Out there in the darkness, out there in the night
  out there in the starlight, one soul burns brighter
  than a thousand suns.

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