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Re: [bug-mailutils] RMAIL/movemail probs - any more ideas

From: Duke Normandin
Subject: Re: [bug-mailutils] RMAIL/movemail probs - any more ideas
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 13:25:12 -0600 (MDT)
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On Thu, 23 Sep 2010, Sergey Poznyakoff wrote:

> Duke Normandin <address@hidden> ha escrit:
> > I have no clue how to apply a patch as the one you sent me.
> Ah, sure.  First, you'll need to have the sources of Mailutils 2.2, of course.
> If you don't, download them from
> ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mailutils/mailutils-2.2.tar.bz2 and untar.  Now
> change to the directory mailutils-2.2 and run
>   patch -p1 < mu-movemail-url-expansion.patch
> If everything goes fine, you'll see on your screen something like:
>   patching file mailbox/url.c
>   patching file movemail/movemail.c
>   Hunk #1 succeeded at 758 (offset -2 lines).
> Now configure and make the package as usual.

Cool! Much obliged!

You know - it's strange how life goes! I'm an old crock (63 yrs), and
I first got a computer back in 1980. I've been hacking some kind of
code ever since the first day. I've learned Perl4 and Perl5, PHP,
TCL/Tk, and a few others - some fairly well, others, not so much! But
I've _never_ had to apply a "patch"! I must have lived a very
sheltered cyberspace life! ;)

Again, many thanks! I let you know how the patch went!

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