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[bug-mailutils] OT - RMAIL headers

From: dukeofperl
Subject: [bug-mailutils] OT - RMAIL headers
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 10:05:32 -0600
User-agent: RMAIL; GNU Mailutils 2.2; GNU Emacs 23.1; Linux i686

Hello list...

I hope this message doesn't offend! I figure that I can go round-n-round on NGs 
and get nowhere fast, or I can ask folks who are likely to know. So here goes..

When I compose a new message in RMAIL, or simply doing a `M-x mail', my 
user-defined headers appear as follow:

User-Agent: RMAIL; GNU Mailutils 2.2; GNU Emacs 23.1; Linux i686Reply-to: 

How can I include a "newline" in the User-Agent header?

When replying to a message, is it possible to have the In-reply-to-blah header 
appear in the message body instead of in the headers section? can this 
In-reply-to header be customized? TIA..

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