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[bug-mailutils] Release 2.99.94

From: d. henman
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Release 2.99.94
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 22:47:42 +0900

I just upgraded to version 2.99.94 from version 2.1
The source built fine (had to use --without-guile) and I installed it.
 I am looking forward to using it.

But, I tested the gnu-mh module and ran into a problem:

 "inc: cannot open mailbox pop://xxxuser-name:address@hidden: Success"

I believe that either something changed in the new code or
installing this wrote over some configuration I had been using.

Please send me any advice or ideas on how to get this working.

--------------- end of attempt to send you mail, but send error
occurred (see below)

send: authentication disabled: No credentials supplied
send: cannot send message: File too large

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