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[bug-mailutils] Problems with new mailutils mh programs

From: d.henman
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Problems with new mailutils mh programs
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2013 12:30:31 +0900

The communications portions of the gnu-mh is working for me, but there is some 
inter-operability problem between the newer mailutilities gnu-mh and emacs's 

#1 On MH-E start-up I'm always getting a "scan: bad message list `unseen'" 

 ~/mh_profile contains:
Unseen-Sequence: unseen

$mail/inbox/.mh_sequence  contains:
subject: 24 57 62
cur:  29

#I don't know what the file .mu-prop is for but it contains:
uid-validity: 1364610333
size: 301426

Note: that scan for unseen messages give the following error.

$ scan unseen
scan: bad message list `unseen'

This behavior is also seen on other platforms,  so it it not platform specific. 
 It seems to be related with sequences.

Please take a look at the behavior.  I have noticed another problem when 
working with sequences, for example in deleting a sequence with the same 
subject in emacs MH-E.

The gnu-mh 'burst' program also behaved (or caused MH-E) to behave strangely.
I'm looking into it, so I can report it better.


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