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[bug-mailutils] movemail: looses messages if connection broken

From: Jean Louis
Subject: [bug-mailutils] movemail: looses messages if connection broken
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2017 21:07:28 +0300


I have experienced following before some time:

movemail: number of messages in source mailbox: 5
movemail: number of processed messages: 5
movemail: number of errors: 0 / 0

;;; At this point I have lost Internet connection. The movemail was
    waiting for long time, and when I came back to computer, I have
    seen this below. However, none of messages was in the local
    mailbox. The messages in the remote mailbox were deleted according
    to the notices. The local mailbox is empty.

0 kept, 5 deleted.
movemail: mailbox `imaps://username:address@hidden:993/INBOX.box': cannot open: 
Operation failed
movemail: mailbox `imaps://username:address@hidden:993/INBOX.box': cannot open: 
Network is unreachable

The operation of movemail shall be changed so that unless all messages
are in local inbox, the remote shall not be deleted. I am not sure if
this assumption of mine is really so in the source code. That is based
on analyzis that I could not see any new messages in the inbox.

Jean Louis

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