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Re: Timezone in mbox separator (From) line

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: Timezone in mbox separator (From) line
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 20:30:08 +0300

Kurt Hackenberg <kh@panix.com> ha escrit:

> Maybe the IMAP server is also questionable. How does it transmit the
> mbox From_ time to the client,

The envelope date is returned in a FETCH responce with the INTERNALDATE
data item (if such is requested).

>  and why?

According to RFC 3501, section 7.4.2.  "FETCH Response":

           A string representing the internal date of the message."

The internal date is defined as:

  "The internal date and time of the message on the server.  This
   is not the date and time in the [RFC-2822] header, but rather a
   date and time which reflects when the message was received.  In
   the case of messages delivered via [SMTP], this SHOULD be the
   date and time of final delivery of the message as defined by
(ibid. sect. 2.3.3.  "Internal Date Message Attribute")  

Notice the "not the date and time in the [RFC-2822] header" passage.

Date and time of the final delivery is stored in the message envelope,
which, for the mbox format, is the From_ line, therefore this value is

> What does that server do when the mail is stored some
> other way, not in mbox format?

The value obtained from the first existing header from the following
list: "Received:", "X-Envelope-Date:", "Date:" (in that order).


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