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Re: "+/" with Mailutils

From: Mike Kupfer
Subject: Re: "+/" with Mailutils
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2021 09:29:24 -0800

Sergey Poznyakoff wrote:

> Stephen Gildea <stepheng+mh-e@gildea.com> ha escrit:
> > So which "folders" output is correct, mailutils or nmh?  If mailutils
> > is correct, we can fix MH-E to deal with the correct answer.
> With my mailutils maintainer hat off, I believe that *one* slash is
> correct.


It looks like the folder name should be formatted so that you could use
it in a subsequent folder command (prepend "+" and strip off any
trailing "+").  For example,

alto$ folders -norecurse
FOLDER                     # MESSAGES  RANGE       ; CUR      (OTHERS)
FileMe              has   no messages              ;          (others).
action+             has   41 messages  (   1-   55); cur= 55.
android             has    5 messages  (   1-    5); cur=  4.
animation           has   15 messages  (   1-   16); cur= 14.

So for +/, I'd expect to see something like

/bin         has  no messages           ;        (others).
/boot        has  no messages           ;        (others).
/dev         has  no messages           ;        (others).
/etc         has  no messages           ;        (others).
/home        has  no messages           ;        (others).

It appears that nmh does the right thing with, e.g., "folders +//home",
so I don't know if it's worth saying something to the nmh folks about
the double slash.  But I think the Mailutils output is correct.


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