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Makefile time in the future problem

From: Juro Bystricky
Subject: Makefile time in the future problem
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 06:14:17 +0900

To whom it may concern:
We are developing a Win32 application that creates a Makefile on the fly and
then "makes" it using gnu MAKE.
We ran into a problem, based on the fact that the Makefile time stamp may be
"in the future". This was tracked straight to the fact that FAT file system
precision is 2 seconds, so if less then two seconds elapse between the
Makefile creation and Makefile execution (using GNU MAKE), GNU MAKE
complaints about the Makefile having a time stamp in the future (and fails
to make the Makefile). The quick remedy of inserting 2 seconds delay between
the Makefile creation and Makefile execution is very unsatisfactory.
It is relatively simple for us to modify the MAKE itself, but we think there
should be either an "official" command line option that specifies the time
"granulation" for time comparisons or the MAKE itself could detect the
underlying file system and act accordingly. 
Juro Bystricky

The following is a quote from Win32 Software Development Kit:
Windows 95: The precision of the time for a file in a FAT file system is 2
seconds. The time precision for files in other file systems, such as those
connected through a network depends on the file system but may also be
limited by the remote device.

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