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Re: Unknown error

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Unknown error
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 20:57:43 -0500

%% <address@hidden> writes:

Please remember to include the version of GNU make you're using; I don't
use RedHat so I have no idea what version they include.  Use "make
--version" to find out.  Thx.

  bh> I am using Red Hat Linux 7.0 for the first time. I just tried
  bh> compiling a C program with a make file. The Makefile is rather
  bh> simple. It comes back with the error:

  bh> Makefile:12 *** missing separator. Stop.

A common mistake.

  bh> This makefile has

  bh> SOURCES=prog1.c
  bh> PRODUCT=$(HOME)/bin/prog
  bh> CC=cc
  bh> CFLAGS=-g -O

  bh> all: $(PRODUCT)

  bh> $(PRODUCT): $(SOURCES)
  bh>          $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(PRODUCT) $(SOURCES)

I assume this isn't the exact makefile?  There's no line 12 here...

  bh> Is this reported error meaningful to you?

>From the GNU make manual, section "Errors Generated by Make":

  `missing separator.  Stop.'
  `missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?).  Stop.'
       This means that `make' could not understand much of anything about
       the command line it just read.  GNU `make' looks for various kinds
       of separators (`:', `=', TAB characters, etc.) to help it decide
       what kind of commandline it's seeing.  This means it couldn't find
       a valid one.

       One of the most common reasons for this message is that you (or
       perhaps your oh-so-helpful editor, as is the case with many
       MS-Windows editors) have attempted to indent your command scripts
       with 8 spaces instead of a TAB character.  In this case, `make' will
       use the second form of the error above.  Remember that every line
       in the command script must begin with a TAB character.  Eight
       spaces do not count.  *Note Rule Syntax::.


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