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incorrect behaviour of @ ???

From: pkolosie
Subject: incorrect behaviour of @ ???
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 15:54:39 -0500

If @ is used within a definition of a set of rules, lines following the
lines with @ are also suppressed! This occurs on gnumake versions 3.79 and
A small example to reproduce this is:

# Compile C++ file.
define compile_cpp_file
     @echo "Compiling ..."
     g++ -o fptest fptest.c
     @echo "Compile Finished ..."

fptest :

In this example, g++ -o fptest fptest.c does not get printed to the
standard output! The actual output is:
Compiling ...
Compile Finished ...

To help out, the actual line in the gnumake sources that seems to cause
this behaviour is line 899 of job.c
 child->file->cmds->lines_flags[child->command_line - 1] |= flags;

By commenting this line out I get the expected output.


Peter Kokosielis
IBM Toronto Lab
DB2 Unix Porting Team
Tel: (416) 448-3609  Tie: 778-3609

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