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Expansion of recursively expanded variables

From: Matt Hastie
Subject: Expansion of recursively expanded variables
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 01:47:28 -0700

When I run Makefiles containing the following pattern:
 @echo "test" > bar
 @echo "bar = $(shell cat bar)"
I get the following error:
$ make
cat: cannot open bar
bar =
From reading through the current bug list, it would appear as though this behavior
is manifested as a result of make's current variable instantiation algorithm, which
instantiates all variables at the beginning of a rule.
With this limitation in place, it is impossible to 'make' a Makefile from rules
which may analyze the makefile under construction, as follows:
include targets.d
targets.d : Makefile
    $(call create-rule-to-append-targets-file)
    $(call create-rule-to-analyze-and-append-targets-file) # fails, because
    # shell commands used to interpret the targets.d file contents are executed
    # before the targets.d file is created.
I would advocate for the one of the following fixes:
- expansion of variables to occur at the start of each line of execution, performance
  permitting, or,
- the inclusion of a $(reexpand var) function which would reinstantiate a variable and
  return its new contents upon request.
Matt Hastie.

Senior Software Engineer
Astracon Inc
6560 South Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Suite 200
Englewood, Colorado, 80111

email: address@hidden

phone: +1-720-895-8547

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