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More verbose diagnostics

From: Matthew Sanderson
Subject: More verbose diagnostics
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 11:22:20 +1000 (EST)


I think that make's diagnostics when a sub-process exits with an error
status are insufficient. People are not understanding that the problem
does not lie with make itself. I'm aware that some people will never
understand, but I think make could do more to explain the problem to the
user than it currently does. It does not 'point the finger' at its
subprocesses enough IMNSHO.

I suggest that just before make prints the diagnostic:
make[x]: *** [target] Error NNN

...it should additionally print another diagnostic:
make[x]: *** Subprocess 'argv[0]' exited with error status NNN

I claim this will reduce the number of posts to this list from confused
Windows users with broken compilers, and thus save everyone time.


Matthew Sanderson
Senior Programmer (UNIX)
TCG Information Systems Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
+61 (02) 8303 2407

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