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Re: Make-3.81 rc1 hangs with -j 2 (multiplatform)

From: J. David Bryan
Subject: Re: Make-3.81 rc1 hangs with -j 2 (multiplatform)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 15:40:23 -0500


On 27 Feb 2006 at 21:13, Boris Kolpackov wrote:

> That would be
> test.3: | test.2

Ah yes, thanks.

> I think a better workaround would be to remove test.2 from .SECONDARY.

Actually, that case still hangs for me, under both Unix and Windows.  Could 
you please test that again, being sure to delete the "test.2" file before 

(If "test.2" exists before running, then indeed make does not hang.  But 
deleting "test.2" from .SECONDARY would cause make to delete it at the end 
of the first run, and then it will hang on the second and subsequent runs.  
I believe that's the same issue as if you did "touch test.int" and then ran 
the original makefile.)

                                      -- Dave

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