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[bug #15947] tests/features/escape - 'path=p\:' test fails on Cygwin - c

From: greg keranen
Subject: [bug #15947] tests/features/escape - 'path=p\:' test fails on Cygwin - cannot stat illegal filename
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 01:18:31 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15947 (project make):

Thanks Agent,
You spurred me to think again and to better understand the problem.

This bug is wrongly titled and I cannot edit the title now.

I originally thought that make was trying to stat a local file named 'p:foo'
and having a problem with ':' being an illegal character but now I realize
this is not the case.

The reason I am having the problem and you are not has nothing to do with
Cygwin, or with illegal filenames - it is because I have a P: drive mapping
on my system (a VirtualCD, in fact, with no disc inserted) and you don't.

Now I understand the message makes perfect sense:
> make: stat: p:foo: No medium found

I now realize that there is any reason to bother with special-case $port_type
clauses - what is needed, however, is a .PHONY rule.

This this should apply for ALL systems :

.PHONY : $(path)foo foo\ bar sharp foo\#bar.ext

Complete file is attached.

Unfortunately, make is still trying to stat $(path)foo and I have found no
way to fix or workaround this problem so it is still failing on Cygwin - but
there is no easy way to reproduce the failure unless your particular system
has a P: drive mapped as a removable drive.

I don't understand why make tries to stat a .PHONY : p:foo so I am creating a
separate bug.


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