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[bug #15937] default_names test dies on Cygwin; $port_type = 'UNIX'; sho

From: greg keranen
Subject: [bug #15937] default_names test dies on Cygwin; $port_type = 'UNIX'; should be 'W32'
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 02:39:07 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #15937 (project make):

Agent Zhang wrote:
>>   if ($CASE_SENSITIVE) {
>The essence is: any platforms which are case-insensitive to file names
be taken into account. So there won't be any bug reports when other
Cygwin-like monsters born out in the future. :=)

I agree completely.
I didn't really want to tread into 'deep water', questioning the semantics of
$port_type but it really should be done - at least for the sake of consistency
of the test suite, it should be DOCUMENTED: what is the supposed meaning of

In the case of this test, Agent's idea of a new global $CASE_SENSITIVE is a
better way to go than $port_type.

Would Paul or Eli care to provide any guidance on how to address the more
general question of $port_type semantics? Should we create a bug for separate
discussion of that issue? Or perhaps create a new document as a placeholder
for a definitive statement on coding standards and semantics for the test



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