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All dependencies not processed

From: Hiebert, Darren \(MS\)
Subject: All dependencies not processed
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 13:07:42 -0800

I have a psuedo target defined:

eiffel: bet converter data_workbench db_config transporter analyzer mission_executor process_monitor performance_viewer progress_meter sstb scenario_ingestor seqmonitor sequencer

However, when I run "make -dp eiffel", the output shows only the prerequisites "bet" and "converter" being considered. . The target shown above is as it appears in the (-p) output, yet the other prerequisites are not even mentioned in the (-d) output as having been considered.

Can you suggest how I might track down whether the cause is some bug in make or some other cause? The "makefile" used is really a complicated hierarchy of included makefiles for a large system, so it is not reasonable to attach it.

Thank you,

Darren Hiebert
Northrop Grumman
XonTech Systems Engineering
Phone: 256-705-0123

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