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File path bug on windows platform

From: goodmen
Subject: File path bug on windows platform
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 00:44:42 +0800
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I'm using gnu make version 3.81. I compile the soucre using msvc7.
Please run this script on ms windows of any version.
__this_file := $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))
__this_file := $(abspath $(__this_file))
__sub_dir_path := $(realpath $(dir $(__this_file))/sub_dir)

$(warning $(__this_file))
$(warning $(__sub_dir_path))

all :
@ echo Please run this gnumake script on M$-windows

the realpath do not work as the doc described.
I'm tried to fix this bug, but I trust the skills of the authors than mine.
Here is some info:
in the file function.c , abspath() ,line 1892 says : "if (name[0] != '/')"
but on windows system, this condition is not an indicator of whether a
string is
absolute path. In the body of the if-block, at line1898, the
starting_directory is copied to the result buffer, and I think it is not
right on windows system.

I can't fount any other version of abspath(), do you think it is
necessary to provide a windows version of that function?

By the way, I'm writting some cross-platform codes. I don't want to use
Cygwin because
it is too larger than my usb-disc. Could you give me some advices?
Writting the windows shell script is a painfull work .........

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