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Re: EAGAIN in "read jobs pipe"

From: James Coleman
Subject: Re: EAGAIN in "read jobs pipe"
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 10:32:03 +0000
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Ken Takusagawa wrote:
For reasons I haven't completely triaged yet, I've been having my
parallel makes die with
"read jobs pipe: Resource temporarily unavailable.  Stop."

All memory on machine might be used up (real memory + all swap).

e.g. we get this:  virtual memory exhausted: Resource temporarily unavailable

We have some particularily heavy files at compile time and if machines are busy 
(memory-wise) or
if they are low in memory anyway they frequently hit that error and the build 
Depending on the machine and build this can happen even if not using any 

I hacked the function new_job in job.c such that if errno==EAGAIN,
then we sleep(1) and loop again, and my problem went away.
(Essentially adding EAGAIN to EBADF and EINTR as the ignored signals.)

:) cool! That seems like a good idea.

Rather than scripting to test for successful build and retrying a few times 
maybe make could
do the retry.


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