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False warning about a circular dependency

From: Johannes Hölzl
Subject: False warning about a circular dependency
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 18:41:53 +0100
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We are using make 3.81 under CygWin (Windows XP SP2).

I have the following makefile: "test.make":

VPATH := ../dir/

all: a


a: b b
   @echo "compile"



I am getting the following:

$ mkdir ../dir
$ touch ../dir/b
$ make -f test.make
make: Circular a <- b dependency dropped.

Of course a depends on b, but why depends b on a?
When only one b is on the a line, the message isn't shown,
when the .SECONDARY: is missing it isn't shown and when
the b file is placed under ./dir the message is also not shown.

yours sincerely,

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