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Possible minor bug in manual?

From: Federico Sanchez Pinzon
Subject: Possible minor bug in manual?
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 13:58:25 -0300

I’ve just found what I think may be a very minor bug in the documentation. I’ve read yesterday the GNU coding standards, and found the next line:


from GNU Coding standards: at the end of 6.1 (GNU Manuals):


Please do not use the term “illegal” to refer to erroneous input to a computer program.

Please use “invalid” for this, and reserve the term “illegal” for activities prohibited by law.



But then I was reading the GNU Make manual, and found this line:


from GNU Make manual: 3.6 (Overriding Part of Another Makefile):


However, it is illegal for two makefiles to give different recipes for the

same target.



Hope this tiny little thing is useful…


Ing. Federico I. Sánchez Pinzón

    Nokia Siemens Networks



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