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[bug #17873] .NOTPARALLEL enhancements

From: Jason Merrill
Subject: [bug #17873] .NOTPARALLEL enhancements
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2012 15:19:11 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #44, bug #17873 (project make):

I would very much like to see an enhancement along the lines of patch #5108. 
When building GCC, all of the compiler executables end up getting linked at
about the same time.  Just linking one is a significant burden on the system,
but trying to link compilers for five different languages at the same time
makes it impossible to do anything else on the system.

As mentioned in comment #7, trying to serialize these links via dependencies
means lying to make and therefore doing unnecessary and undesirable work when
you only want to link a single executable.

I note that patch #5108 seems to create a single global mutex, whereas the
documentation for the SCO .MUTEX target suggests that each occurrence of
.MUTEX creates a separate mutex, so that given

.MUTEX: this that
.MUTEX: yours mine

"this" and "yours" could be built in parallel, but not "this" and "that".  I'm
not sure that this is how SCO make works, but it seems useful to have multiple
mutexes.  Hard disk load is not the only resource that you might want a mutex
to control: comment #8 gives another example, of latex temporary output


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