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Possible bug with $(eval) and :=

From: Victor Shih
Subject: Possible bug with $(eval) and :=
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 15:04:17 -0800

I've been using this thunk implementation as described http://www.cakoose.com/wiki/gnu_make_thunks, but recently came upon an anomaly on a different operating system.  Here's an example Makefile:

A = abcdefghijklmnop
B = $(eval B := $A)$B

    @echo [$B]
    @echo [$B]

On cygwin it seems to work fine:

But on Mac 10.6 as well as Ubuntu 12.04, it returns:

All of these environments are running make 3.82.

The length of the definitions of A and B matter, too.  Basically the first expansion of $B truncates as many characters as the $(eval ...) definition is long.  Very strange.

Am I missing something?

Victor Shih

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