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Re: Test harness on VMS working, 58 tests currently failing.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Re: Test harness on VMS working, 58 tests currently failing.
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2014 07:41:49 -0600
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On 3/2/2014 6:11 AM, h.becker wrote:
On 03/01/2014 09:50 PM, John E. Malmberg wrote:
On 2/28/2014 8:07 PM, John E. Malmberg wrote:
I have the test harness apparently working on VMS.  I need to fix up the
DCL command procedure that is needed set up a number of foreign
commands needed by it before submitting a patch.

For which version? I assume for the current development stream from the
git repository, correct?

This is for master of course.

If no one else is interested in immediately running the test harness on
VMS, I can wait on submitting a patch until I determine what is causing
all the test failures.

So far running the test harness on VMS will require:
     Perl 5.18.1 or later.
     GNV 2.1.3 or later.
     Bash 4.2.45 or later.
     Coreutils 8.21 or later.

 From what I see, the tests are coded in perl. Can you give a short
description for what the other stuff is needed?

The make scripts expect a number of GNU utilities to be present and for Perl to use UNIX filename syntax.

The following commands are used by makefiles in the tests.

ar, cat, cc, cp, diff, echo, false, mkdir, rm, sleep, sh, and touch.

GNV provides the ar, and cc commands.  I have not updated them yet.

The bash in GNV is ancient and buggy. The Bash 4.2.45 is much more reliable.

Coreutils supplies the rest of the utilities. While they are also supplied by GNV, the Coreutils kit is more up to date with significant bug fixes. Example: rm -rf actually works.

It appears that GNU make on VMS is attempting to emulate touch. This is showing up in several test failures where the touch command is used in the makefile. So it looks like that emulation needs to be improved.

So I will need to have a DCL procedure set these up as foreign commands temporarily before running the run_make_tests.pl. I have not yet finished that script.

My plan get the tests that can be run to pass before merging in the GNV fork which runs the Bash shell from GNU Make.


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