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Re: [bug #41758] VMS Make incorrectly reports archives support present.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Re: [bug #41758] VMS Make incorrectly reports archives support present.
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:17:52 -0600
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On 3/3/2014 1:02 PM, h.becker wrote:

When you ask VMS Make what features it supports, "archives" is in the list.

EAGLE> bash -c  "echo '\$(info \$(.FEATURES))' | make -f- 2>/dev/null"
\target-specific order-only second-expansion else-if shortest-stem undefine
oneshell archives
%NONAME-E-NOMSG, Message number 00000002

There is librarian support, as can be seen in default.c where AR is set
to "library/obj" and ARFLAGS to "/replace". It is known that the VMS
librarian and Unix ar behave differently. For example, librarian expects
an object library to exist for the "/replace" command while ar's "r"
command just creates a non-existing archive. So there is "some" support.
Maybe the feature shouldn't be set.

When you run the features/archives test, it fails.

features/archives .......................................
-f /lcl_root/make/tests/work/features/archives.mk
/EAGLE$DQA0/alpha_root/gnv/make/make.exe.1: *** [libxx.a(a1.o)] Error
/EAGLE$DQA0/alpha_root/gnv/make/make.exe.1: unable to open library 'libxx.a'
to lookup member 'a1.o'
/EAGLE$DQA0/alpha_root/gnv/make/make.exe.1: *** Archive member 'libxx.a(a1.o)'
may be bogus; not deleted

*** Test died (features/archives): Command failed: Cannot execute make -f

As I understand, to run the tests you need gnv. So you are using gnv and
bash and not "plain" VMS. However, for VMS this is not really surprising:
$ write sys$output f$message(%x1086109c)
%LIBRAR-F-OPENIN, error opening !AS as input

I had the pre-test setup create the library and it still failed.

The pre-test setup uses the GNV AR command which actually is just a wrapper to the the VMS librarian command.

It should be possible get this fixed so that VMS can create the library if needed.


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