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Re: vms argv[0] and exit status fixes.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Re: vms argv[0] and exit status fixes.
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 22:09:36 -0500
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On 3/10/2014 2:35 PM, h.becker wrote:
On 03/08/2014 02:47 PM, John E. Malmberg wrote:
Since there will only be one build procedure and one resulting binary,
there would not be two templates.

One of the main reasons for merging this fork back in is to get to one
make binary.

It's not yet determined, whether there will be different binaries for
the same platform (and same VMS version). Again, I prefer to keep it
simple, whatever simple will be in this context.

Gnu make is already checking to see if a shell is present for other platforms, and is already tracking the information needed for VMS to do the same.

I am already expecting that a [.vms] directory will be needed to contain
at the minimum, the files needed for building the PCSI kit.

Someone else needs to decide if these files should be in the GNU make
repository. I didn't look, but I also didn't expect to see files to
create a Debian or Red Hat package.

The GNU Gawk project had no problem accepting the files for creating a VMS PCSI kit. The CURL project also had no problem accepting the same files.

But what do I know. Also I don't
know if the copyright for the wrapper code is OK, here.

The copyright is compatible with GPL 3 according to the GNU website.

If it needs to be assigned to the FSF as per a policy of the GNU make, then I need to go through the GNU copyright assignment process. I have already gone through it with the GNU Awk project, so the FSF attorney already has the documentation needed.

Anyway, appended is what I came up with. I don't expect this to be the
final patch for this. So far it is only tested on Alpha/VMS 8.3.

I'm not happy with hijacking main. What this code seems to do is
replacing argv[0]. There seems to be no other change which affects the
main entry. It seems to be enough to call a vms_mangle_argv0(&argv[0]);
function, in main, just prior to when argv[0] is really used. This would
be similar to calls like initialize_main() which is "Needed for OS/2".

The wrapper is generic and before the symbol modification added for make, is used to fix two problems. The obvious one is the argv[0] issue. The less obvious one the ability to fix the exit code if main did a return instead of calling exit() and the module was compiled with /define=_POSIX_EXIT. The exit() issue does not apply to GNU Make.
It allows one quick fix for a common issue with out editing

What I can do is separate out the name mangling from the wrapper so that it can be called after main and be used in the case where I do not need the entire wrapper.

Anyway, these changes all depend on what is configured in
config.h[-vms[.template]]. (This also indicates that at the moment I
expect different binaries depending on what a user "configures".) As
default I used more or less the current behavior: no hihacking and no
/tmp. It also seems that HAVE_VMS_MAIN_ENVP must be defined. If that's
the case then there is no need to have it at all.

What does the configure?  Prepare_vms.com?  Manual edits should not be done.

The generic wrapper has to wrap around main routines that have the envp parameter and those that do not. The majority of cases do not have the envp parameter present, that is why the default case does not have it defined.

I did not test with DECC$POSIX_COMPLIANT_PATHNAMES or whatever affects
the argv[0] passed by the CRTL. It seems worth to have some comments in
these 300+ lines of code, which show some examples what is expected and
what the result will be.

I will look at adding those examples down the road. The module when built standalone contains test code that reports the before and after. I did try to put in comments of why it was doing each test.

In my opinion, silently defining or overwriting a symbol shoulnd't be
implemented. If the user wants/needs the argv[0] changed, she/he should
define a symbol. That means, this needs to be documented, in the readme
or in the config.h-vms.template.

Silent overwriting the symbol is wrong. I put the original code in mainly to see if it would work.

I also want the program name to accurately reflect the image name, so that my deb_make.exe shows up differently than make.exe with the --help option.

So my solution is save any local symbol that may exist, create the symbol, and then restore the state of the local symbol afterward.

This behavior would be documented and would leave the original environment intact.

On the other hand, moving the wrapper into an existing source file,
which includes starlet.h, exhibited incompatible prototypes for system
services, even without __NEW_STARLET defined. That is not really
surprising, but there should be a better way than the hack I introduced.

I can disable my prototypes if something else includes <starlet.h>. The starlet.h prototypes are missing the const qualifiers.

I think the wrapper or the argv replacement method should stay in its own module. It is big enough to merit it. If it is not pulled in by an #include, then it can be added to the makefiles.

On MAKE_TROUBLE, I agree, as this is a failure status on Unix - it will
stop make as well - this should be in the same failure range as

A Warning status should also stop the build, unless there is a bug there also.

A warning status also allows a DCL script to take a different action on the severity, and seems more in the spirit of how GNU make is documented to behave.


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