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Re: Test harness on VMS, running 489 tests, 141 tests failing.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Re: Test harness on VMS, running 489 tests, 141 tests failing.
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 19:28:29 -0500
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A bug in having the test harness compare_output that was supposed to compensate for VMS differences in output caused a number of tests to report success that actually failed.

Running with out -keep, so do not have an exact count of logs.

Current status: 136 Tests in 54 Categories Failed.

Known issues so far:

features/archives:  fail - 3/10 pass.
   Ticket 41758 - VMS archive support incomplete.

features/override: with patch - pass 4/4.

features/parallism: fail - 3/9 pass, 1 skipped.
   VMS not running jobs in parallel so output in wrong order.

features/recursion: fail - 1/2 pass.
   Looks like it is expecting environment variables to
   pass information to a child, and child is not getting

features/reinvoke: fail - 4/5 pass.
   One run is not interpreting a macro properly.

features/se_explicit: fail 9/10 pass
   $(addsuffix ) and $(addprefix ) expect space delimited
   arguments.  On VMS commas are used.  Not sure how that
   can be reconciled.

features/vpath3: Skipping.
   Test requires .LIBPATTERNS, which does not appear
   to be implemented on VMS, yet the variables/LIBPATTERNS
   tests are passing.

features/vpathgpath: fail - 0/1 pass
   gpaths not followed on VMS.  Reason why not obvious.

Still working my way triaging the other issues.


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