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Re: Test harness patch for VMS.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Re: Test harness patch for VMS.
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 00:19:37 -0500
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On 3/31/2014 12:22 PM, h.becker wrote:
On 03/31/2014 01:53 AM, John E. Malmberg wrote:
This is the first cut at the patches for running the test harness on
VMS.  The test_make.com sets up the environment and runs the test.
As it makes persistent changes to the logged in session, I recommend
dedicating a logged in session to running tests.

The "-help" option to test_make.com explains the usage for VMS.

The updates to the individual test scripts will follow as separate patches.

This has some temporary hacks in it to get around some known issues with
VMS that affects multiple tests that will need to be removed as the
issues are resolved.

The test harness on VMS requires:

   Perl 5.18 or later.
   PCSI kits available from

   GNV 2.1.3 or later.  GNV 3.0.1 has not tested with this script.
   Bash 4.2.47 or later.
   Coreutils 8.21 or later.
   Read before installing:

I appreciate your work on the tests with/for/on VMS. This wasn't done
before and the tests obviously exhibit problems, features and
limitations. (To me they also indicate that there isn't much or heavy
usage of GNU make on VMS.)

I do not see much active use of it for the VMS mode. There is quite a bit of work being done with the GNV fork, but the users are running into problems with bugs, and rather than trying to fix that older forked port, it seems like the thing to do go back to the master, especially since there seems to be some significant VMS maintenance being done.

I tried the test_make.com but it failed. As
far as I can see it checks whether the required components are present.
And they seem to be available. Maybe I missed something, but it fails with:

$   perl run_make_tests.pl -verbose
%DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling
%DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling
%DCL-W-IVKEYW, unrecognized keyword - check validity and spelling

For some reason perl is only able to run foreign commands that are global DCL symbols, not local DCL symbols.

In test_make.com this change is needed.

$ testname = ""
$ make :== $bin:make.exe"
$ i = 0

The bin logical name is not visible outside of the test_make.com procedure, so to run the test harness outside of the test harness, the full path is needed.

The original intent was only to set local symbols for foreign commands so that the test harness did not leave them behind. Unfortunately Perl does not seem to be passing these symbols to its child processes.

If it is desired to have the DCL procedure just set up for running the Perl suite, some logical names that it defines just before it runs perl should also be defined.

The error message was being generated because the make global symbol foreign command was missing. I missed removing that definition before re-running the test_make.com

                       Running tests for GNU make on VMS
                                GNU Make 4.0.90

Also, with all the dependencies on GNV I wonder whether it makes sense
to run this in/from DCL at all. With GNV and Bash etc. required,
wouldn't it be better (and require less VMS specifc perl code?) to run
it from bash? And, because it depends on all of this, I think the test
driver should be named with a prefix "gnv".

Perl changes mode when run under Bash because it detects the bash shell. It becomes more Unix like. That still is a work in progress. The next step is to get it to run child programs under the Bash shell instead of DCL. Once that step is done, it may be possible to run automake on VMS.

The test harness patches, which I have not yet posted most of them, only expect the VMS behavior when not run under bash.

When the GNV for of GNU make is merged back in, the same test suite will be run with Perl under Bash to verify that behavior. So the tests will end up being run twice.

The whole purpose of running the Perl under DCL for this round of tests is to fully document the existing VMS behavior and to make sure that there are no regressions when the GNV code is merged in.

But it looks like there are a number of features that should be common to both modes that need to be fixed first.

We will probably need to add some VMS specific tests to the suite.

I did the same regression tests with the Perl port to add in ODS-5 support, while still allowing the old ODS-2 behavior.


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